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Is It Simply a Male Issue?

We are currently experiencing a well overdue avalanche of revelations, from women from all over the world, about the prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual assault. There has been a lot of discussion about the issue, much of which heated, resulting in understandable anger and frustration. Many articles have been …

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The Tree of Knowledge of Good And Evil

I assume that most people have heard about the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Throughout history, the story has been told to us in a certain way, and we have accepted that traditional version. For those of the Christian faith in particular, the interpretation of the story fits in well with how …

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“The Trumps Are Time Travellers”. Seems like yet another ‘fake news’ article, right? Well, some people are convinced that he may well be secretly in possession of a time machine. PLEASE DON’T STOP READING, as there just may be an explanation as to how someone who many people argue is an idiot and a total …

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Earth’s Last Hope?

WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU CROSS LIGHTNING, A BAT, A FISH, A ROBOT, A GOD AND AN ALIEN? ANSWER: The upcoming, kick ass, DC Comics inspired feature film, Justice League. Due to be released in November 2017, Justice League is set to rival the highly successful Marvel Comics version of …

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Wonder Woman Returns

Diana, Princess of the Amazons, has burst onto the big screen as Wonder Woman, in the latest character introduction prior to the much anticipated Justice League. When the King of the Gods, Zeus created mankind, all of humanity lived in peace and harmony. Unhappy with his father’s creation, the God Ares sows …

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Exotic Destinations – Seychelles

Unique by a thousand miles, is the tropical destination known as Seychelles. Located in the Indian Ocean, east of the African coast of Kenya, the Seychelles comprises of 115 Islands. It is renowned for it’s beauty and year round warm weather, and offers attractions that are second to none. It offers …

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