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Earth’s Last Hope?


ANSWER: The upcoming, kick ass, DC Comics inspired feature film, Justice League.

Due to be released in November 2017, Justice League is set to rival the highly successful Marvel Comics version of the super hero goodness, The Avengers. Based on the trailers so far, it appears that there is a great evil coming to destroy all that we hold dear. After all, what would a super hero movie be if it did not involve the possible destruction of humanity?

It is unclear how Bruce Wayne (Batman) knows that there is a great evil  coming, but one thing is for sure, he doesn’t want to stand against what ever it is, alone. With the help of Diana Prince, who’s name is the shortened version Diana Princess of Themyscira (a.k.a Wonder Woman), Wayne sets out to recruit other hero’s with the intention of creating a team strong enough to battle and defeat the impending doom.

Prior to the release of the recent trailers, there had been a lot of talk about who the super villain would be. Many had predicted that it would be “Darkseid”, the lord of Apokolips, a being of pure hatred, intent on nothing other than the complete subjugation of all existence and to reshape the Universe into his own image.

With his limitless strength, invincible body, energy and mass manipulation, and the support from an army of Parademons, Darkseid is a threat to not only Earth, but all worlds. A lot of the talk revolved around a particular “Knightmare” sequence from the Batman v Superman movie which appeared to involve Parademons. Darkseid would have been a widely approved super villain for this movie particularly as he is one of the very few who have ever defeated Superman in the comic book series.

Darkseid will not be the villain for this movie. Perhaps it is too early on in the series to introduce such a powerful adversary? It appears likely though that he will make his appearance a few movies down the track. With all this said, it is pretty clear that the super villain will actually be Darkseid’s uncle “Steppenwolf”. Weilding the “Electro Axe”, the Apokoliptan General will have the honour of being the first baddie. It is believed though that he will not be the only one causing problems for the good guys and girl. Lex Luthor is believed to be returning and there is some speculation that the emotionally complicated, super powers imbued, martials arts expert  “Deathstroke”, could also make an appearance.



The latest trailers have one very notable omission. There is no sign of Superman. For those of you who have not watched Batman v Superman, after being weakened by Kryptonite, Superman receives quite a nasty gash in the chest by Doomsday. Superman subsequently “dies” from his injuries. His demise was truly heroic and befitting of his legend.

Obviously, as Superman is part of Justice League and Justice League had not been created prior to his “death”, we can say for sure that the man of steel will come back from the dead. How he comes back will be interesting to see. The latest trailers give us more than just “hope” that at the brink of Team Batman being defeated, the kid from Smallville will return to save the day. After all, he has an image to upload and some respect to regain, especially after being defeated by Ben Affleck dressed up in a bat suit and after being killed off in the previous film, no matter how heroic it looked.

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