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Wonder Woman Returns

Diana, Princess of the Amazons, has burst onto the big screen as Wonder Woman, in the latest character introduction prior to the much anticipated Justice League. When the King of the Gods, Zeus created mankind, all of humanity lived in peace and harmony. Unhappy with his father’s creation, the God Ares sows seeds of war within the minds of humans and anarchy subsequently reigns. After a cataclysmic conflict, Zeus manages to defeat Ares and after using the last of his power, Zeus creates and gifts human kind with a weapon powerful enough to destroy gods.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Hidden away on a secret island, Diana is raised by fierce Amazons and turned into a warrior of unrivaled skill. When an American World War 1 plane crash lands into the waters of her island, Diana becomes aware of the conflict going on outside her cloistered existence. Diana decides to leave her home, armed with a powerful weapon, to seek an end to the war, believing that she knows who or what is behind it. Upon her arrival to industrial London and after her initial cultural shock, she learns about the awful truth of war and in the process also discovers the extent of her powers and ultimately her true identity.

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